Rules & Regulations of the Singapore Apex Corporate Sustainability Awards (“the Awards”)

1. Application

1.1 The Awards is open to all companies registered in Singapore.

1.2 Entities involved in organising the Awards and the Judging Panel will not be eligible to apply for the Awards.

1.3 Immediate past winners will not be eligible to apply for the same category.

1.4 Words exceeding the stipulated word limit will be ignored and will not count towards the assessment.

1.5 An Applicant can only win the Apex Award title once.

1.6 All submitted materials will be retained by Global Compact Network Singapore (“GCNS”), and application content of winning entries may be used for promotional purposes of the Awards.

1.7 Incomplete application forms will not be considered for the Awards.

2. Site Visits

2.1 Applicants will be shortlisted for a site visit.

2.2 Applicants will be informed of site visits in advance.

3. Presentations by Finalists

3.1 Upon the satisfactory conclusion of the site visits, applicants will be informed if they have progressed to the final judging phase.

3.2 Presentations to the Judging Panel must be given by a member of staff from the Finalist company.

3.2 Presentations will be made within the stipulated time limit.

4. Data Privacy

4.1 Application contents and scoring information developed during the review of applications are regarded as proprietary by GCNS and are kept confidential. Such information is available only to those individuals directly involved in the assessment and administrative process. GCNS will take all reasonable action to ensure that applications and information are treated in strict confidence. However, in no way can GCNS be held responsible for any loss of confidentiality to a third party. GCNS cannot be held liable for any damage (to goods, or persons, financial loss or consequential) incurred through the breach of confidentiality or otherwise by the applicants or any third party.

4.2 Any personal and business contact information collected will be for the purposes and in connection with the Awards.

5. The decision of the Judging Panel will be final.

6. GCNS reserves the right to alter the Award Scheme.

7. GCNS reserves the right to award more than one trophy each year in each category and also to withhold awards if the required standards are not met.

8. In all matters pertaining to the Awards, the decision of GCNS shall be final and binding on all parties concerned.